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Friday, March 9, 2012

Snags, Bangers, Sausages...delicious!

Since moving here in 2005, there's one thing I have missed a lot but never gave it a second thought back in Australia...sausages. With the exception of ordering online for big dollars, I can't get sausages anywhere.

I was lucky enough to go back for a visit in 2009 and Mum cooked me sausages...ever since I have been lusting after a decent or even bad snag.

If you don't know what they are, very briefly, they are ground beef (20% fat), spices, rusk (which is not widely available) or breadcrumbs and some water. This mixture is stuffed into natural casings (generally pig intestines) and cooked on the BBQ (grill).

So, last month was my birthday and Mum sent me some money, Chanin added to it and I was able to buy myself a meat grinder/sausage stuffer. The hunt was on for a recipe and I finally found one and set to work making my snags.

So, here's the scoop:

1 tsp White Pepper (Ground)
½ tsp Ginger (Ground)
½ tsp Sage (Ground)
½ tsp Mace (Ground)
2 tbs Salt
125g Bread Crumb
5lbs ground beef (80/20), finely ground
250 ml Water

Prepared Natural Hog Casings

First, you need to soak the casings in warm water for 30-40 minutes.

Once they've soaked, rinse them under cold running water, then put one end over the end of the tap (faucet) and run water through the insides.

Blend all ingredients thoroughly together with water. Make sure that your meat is very cold (but not frozen) when you do this.

Once you've blended the ingredients together, put the mixture back into the fridge or freezer to keep it chilled.

Next, thread one length of casing onto your sausages stuffer.

Start putting your meat mixture into the stuffer and get it to the point where it's just about to come out of the tube. At this point, tie a knot in the end of the casing and start stuffing the casing. With my electric stuffer, I found that I didn't have to slow the casing down to make sure it was filled. I just kept a slow steady pace and they almost filled themselves. Twist into desired lengths. To twist into links, pinch the sausage between your thumb and forefinger to squeeze out a space and twist either clockwise or anti-clockwise, then do the next link and twist it in the opposite direction. Keep alternating the twist until you're at the end of your link and tie a knot in the end.

Allow to set overnight in refrigerator, covered, to set up. They will be a bit soft before you do this.

Cook or freeze for later use.

The next day comes the BEST part! Cooking your hard work. I cooked mine on the BBQ tonight (even though it was 0C/32F), but you can pan fry them too. Don't forget to prick the sausages a few times with a fork, otherwise they will burst.

Here's the finished sausages, on my plate and ready to be eaten.

You can also make a sausage sandwich by slicing them lengthwise, putting them on some bread, add some tomato sauce (ketchup) and digging in.

For me, it really was worth the time to make them. Out of the 5 pounds (2.5kgs) I got 25 sausages with meat left over because I didn't get out enough casings. I would say that I would be able to get at least 30 sausages out of the mixture. I vacuum packed the rest and am now in snags for a while.

I've read that it's possible to make sausages using a piping bag, but I honestly don't know how that would go.

Hope you are inspired to have a go. If not, hit me up, I might invite you over for a barbie!




  1. They look wonderful Matt! Great job!


  2. Thank you very much...they really taste great too!

  3. Geez, I knew I should have looked at this when Ron was not home! He read over my shoulder and now he wants me to buy a bloody sausage grinder and the casings to make them. *pfftt*

    They look wonderful mate, I will let you know if I ever get around to making them myself, now that I will be working full time.

    Barbara aka BarbiQ

  4. Thank you Barbara. You do know the way to a mans heart is through his stomach! If I get down your way, I promise I'll bring the snags!